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Connor kabat

actor | singer | dancer

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who IS she?

Connor Kabat is an upbeat and creative force who loves to make people laugh and share the joy of theatre with everyone around them. Connor hails from Binghamton, NY. Growing up, old Hollywood musicals were Connor’s Saturday morning cartoons-- finally, after years of dancing around the house in a pair of button up denim overalls undone like a dress (“dancing pants”, as coined by Connor’s parents), a stage debut was finally made at age eight as an Oompa Loompa in WILLY WONKA. Connor’s love for the craft only intensified from there. 


Connor is now a New York based actor and a recent graduate of the Shenandoah Conservatory BFA Musical Theatre Class of 2023. While at Shenandoah, Connor proudly served as a class representative for MT‘23, a member of the Loaf Improv Comedy Team, and was a founding member on the board of the Musical Theatre Diversity Recruitment and Equity Team. Favorite SU credits include Hugo (TUCK EVERLASTING), Mark (A CHORUS LINE), and Cameron Mitchell John (A KILLER PARTY).


Post-graduation, Connor is represented by The Hell’s Kitchen Agency. Currently, Connor is on the road with the Second National Tour of PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL as Giulio/Ensemble. 

Outside of performing, Connor loves to read, watch Drag Race, tend to his (many, many plants), draw, and spend time with friends and loved ones. Connor leaves you with their favorite quote, once read on a charming bathroom stall, “Don’t just exist. LIVE! Take up space”.

Connor's Fun Facts/Favorites!

Currently Bingeing: RuPual's Drag Race /Broad City

Book: On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

Snack: Wegmans Trail Mix

Dance Step: The tride and true, a jazz square

Song On Repeat: "Let The Light In", Lana Del Rey

Beverage: Diet Coke with Lemon

Idols: Carol Burnett, Lady Gaga

Astrology Chart: Libra Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Rising






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